The Haircut Makes the Wo[man]

AKA Haircuts For Art // FKA Chuubie’s Haircuts.

Complimentary Haircuts tailored to your complete whim and desire. Getting a self-portrait done doesn’t get much cooler than that.

By offering haircuts tailored to your complete whim and desire in unconventional pop-up performance locations, I want us to also think about your hair differently, and how this major thing on your head which you see first thing in the mirror every morning can also be an amazing tool and catalyst to push you toward the next goal or phase of your life.. if it just carried the right signifiers to take you there, like the flags and sail on your sailboat.

Hair is one of the most accessible and pivotal tools to your self-expression.

If you’re interested in participating in or commissioning a performance of this project, follow Facebook: Chuubie Photo BAM! Or, please message me on the Info page!

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Upcoming Complimentary Haircut Performances:

Past Haircuts Performances:

  • [May 28, 2015] The Get Down NYC
  • [May 14, 2015] The Get Down NYC
  • [June 8, 2014] Figment NYC Art Festival @ Governors Island. Public haircuts atop a grassy knoll!
  • [May 29, 2014] The Get Down @ Cielo Club, Meatpacking, Manhattan. Haircuts for the spontaneous on the patio of this amazing holistic, art-encompassing dance party.
  • [March 09, 2014] Sunday Dinner @ Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A night of celebrating self: haircuts by me, dinner cooked by the artist group Et Al, and dueling photoshoots by Michelle Joni.
  • [October, 2013] Corner of Bedford Ave & N 7th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You may have seen me cutting hair outside of the Bedford subway station with a sign reading “Haircuts for Art”.
  • [Since 2008] I’ve cut the hair of interesting people I’ve encountered in my travels.

[June 8, 2014] Figment NYC Art Festival @ Governors Island

[May 29, 2014] The Get Down @ Cielo, Manhattan

Documentation photographs by: Steven Chu + The Get Down family

[March 9, 2014] Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

[October, 2013] Bedford L train station

Documentation photographs by: Parker McComb

Assorted events since 2008

Video by: New York Magazine / Bedford + Bowery.

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