Louis Galloway Photographed by Steven Chu for TheFashionisto.com


Louis Galloway @ Elite London

Absolutely amazing to shoot– it always catches you a bit off guard when you realize there’s something special there and you keep clicking as if it will peel away the layers of mystery. Shooting Louis reminds me of when Roy Pratt first walked into my studio for a portrait session (a few years ago now!) and he had arrived in New York just a week and a half earlier, yet there was something absofuckinlutely special there. Look at Roy now, there’s the proof that others were seeing the same thing.

I sincerely wish the best success to Louis, and I hope the industry treats him well!

(A quick note: these New York Class of Fall 2011 photos for TheFashionisto.com have zero retouching. These are the boys.)

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Fusion model Louis Galloway
Photography: Steven Chu (https://stevenchu.com)
Client: TheFashionisto.com
Styling: Carl Barnett (https://thefashionisto.com)
Grooming/Makeup: Georgi Sandev (https://georgisandev.com)
Blazer by Diwon Man with shirt by Hyden Yoo



Louis Galloway Photographed by Steven Chu for TheFashionisto.com

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